Bid Opportunities
Interested in working with Weiss Construction on upcoming projects?
Here is a list of our current bid opportunities. Please contact the lead estimator by email to submit your request.

Jobs Currently Bidding

Bid Date & Time
Job Name
Lead Estimator
October 29th 2020 11:00 am

Chapaton Pump Station Lab Relocation & Mezzanine Renovation (Plumbing Only)

8 1/2 Mile Relief Drainage District
Jason Axelson
November 4th 12:00 pm

Springwells WTP Water Conduit and Loading Dock Concrete Repairs

Joe Mulville
November 5th 12:00 pm

Incineration Complex II Building Exit Sign Replacement

Joe Mulville
November 9th 2:00 pm

RFP Design Build Services 2021 Sanitary Equalization Tank 2

City of Rockwood
Joe Mulville