Bid Opportunities
Interested in working with Weiss Construction on upcoming projects?
Here is a list of our current bid opportunities. Please contact the lead estimator by email to submit your request.

Jobs Currently Bidding

Bid Date & Time
Job Name
Lead Estimator
February 2nd 12:00 pm

Metering Building Repairs

John Meaney
January 26th 12:00 pm

Complex B TWAS Piping Reconfiguration

Jason Axelson
February 3rd 12:30 pm

Final Clarifiers 5- 8 Rehabilitation

City of Warren
Joe Mulville
February 4th 3:00pm

Air Piping Replacement and Diffused Aeration System Rehabilitation

City of Port Huron
Matt Kemper
February 5th12:00 pm

Complex II Multiple Hearth Incinerators (MHIs): Ash Piping System Improvements

Jason Axelson
February 23rd 10:00 am

Northville Rd PRV Replacement Project

Charter Township of Plymouth
John Meaney